Valimenta™ Introduces Liposomal Glutathione with Setria® Glutathione

“Supporting Healthy Aging and Immune Health*”

Valimenta™ introduces its new product, Liposomal Glutathione, with Setria® Glutathione to support healthy aging and the body’s immune system. Valimenta™ uses liposomes as a unique delivery system for increased absorption support.

The product contains Kyowa Hakko’s Setria® Glutathione. Glutathione, known as the “master” antioxidant, is a naturally occurring tripeptide that exists in every cell, tissue and organ in our bodies as well as our nervous systems*. “When we reformulated our Liposomal Glutathione, we wanted to have both our delivery method and glutathione supported by science and we did just that,” says Emek Blair, Ph.D., Chief Scientist/Owner. Liposonal Guthathione uses the fantastic attributes of Setria® glutathione and enhances them with liposomes. 

Valimenta’s unique formulation uses a natural non-hydrogenated sunflower phosphatidylcholine, derived from non-GMO certified sunflower oil from Europe. Our phosphatidylcholine undergoes a several-step solvent-free purification and filtration process to ensure the utmost purity. “Our liposomes are the optimal size and composition to deliver glutathione. We use no soy ingredients, and our flavors are completely natural plant extracts,” says Blair. The liposomes are gluten free, alcohol-free, vegan, and non-GMO.  The formula does not have any sulfur smell or taste.

For more information about Valimenta™, visit or come to 2015 Supply Side booth #426 in Las Vegas.

About Valimenta™

Valimenta Labs manufactures custom liposomal products, vitamin supplements, herbal extracts and energy/nutrition drinks.  Our proprietary liposomal manufacturing process uses no heat, no high pressure and no solvents. Valimenta’s formulators and flavoring experts have over twenty-five years of experience in dietary supplement manufacturing, specializing in liposomes, liquid herbals, and energy/nutrition drinks for athletes. Our mission is to create and nurture long-term partnerships with you, growing together as we give the world the highest quality health products on the market. Our commitment to quality and your satisfaction is absolute. We formulate and manufacture to exceed the highest industry standards.

About Setria®

Setria® Glutathione is a clinically studied form of glutathione that is shown to replenish the body’s reserves, which may be depleted as a result of poor lifestyle choices, stress or natural aging. Called the “master antioxidant,” glutathione helps protect cells in the body from the damaging effects of oxidative stress and toxins. Setria® Glutathione is pure, vegetarian, common allergen-free and is manufactured through a patented fermentation process and is patent pending for increasing natural killer (NK) cell activity.

About Kyowa Hakko USA

Kyowa Hakko USA is the North and South American office for Kyowa Hakko Bio Co. Ltd., an international health ingredients manufacturer and world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and food products. Kyowa is the maker of branded ingredients including Cognizin® Citicoline, Lumistor® L-Hydroxyproline, Pantesin® Pantethine, Setria® Glutathione, as well as Sustamine® L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine. For more information visit

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